The Power of Print: Why it Should Be a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

These days digital advertising gets most of the attention, but one must not ignore the power of print. Yes, print advertising is still valuable. According to Statista, printed newspapers, books and magazines are still more popular in the US than digital.

And people are still more receptive to traditional (versus digital) advertising channels – including print, outdoor and TV…55% of those surveyed said they preferred print ads to any other medium.

In print media there is an underlying message in the permanence of image and word on the printed page that reflects trust and solidarity.

It can be pinned to a cork board, taken with you, and doesn’t change or move without your action. Print provides a visual reminder of an interest, need, event, or sale — all reminders that reinforce the brand who provided them.

The ad engagement rate is highest in premium print (magazines and newsbrands) compared to social and display – so depending on your product, category or service, print should still hold a key place in the marketing mix.

This is not to say you don’t need digital, but you should absolutely consider where your target audience is consuming content. Chances are they are still consuming print media and it should be a part of your marketing mix in conjunction with digital advertising.

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