Why You Should Work With Direct Leads

How many times have you received an automated email asking for 15 minutes of your time? How many times how you responded? While lead lists can in some cases be a good starting point for your recruiting needs, it’s not going to get you the talent you want at the best cost-per-hire.

Direct leads will attract and recruit talent quickly and cost effectively. By working a direct lead, the applicant has already made the connection to the job and company. There’s a huge difference between a passive job seeker and an active job seeker who has engaged with your brand across multiple touch points. By focusing on candidates who have already interacted with your company in some way, you are putting your company in the clear view of qualified and already interested applicants.

Rather than just renting attention, it’s more valuable for your company to work a direct lead: someone who took the time to engage with your brand and now ultimately thinks you’re an expert in your industry. The conversation essentially already began before you even had to initiate it. Chances are that this applicant may have questions on something they read and is ready to learn more about your company. By utilizing direct leads, you can nurture applicants through the hiring process.

At Alabama Media Group we use hiring platforms and first party data that is synchronized to our databases. Our lead lists are never bought or shared, giving you access to unique applicants you haven’t been able to speak to before.

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