Why are Job Boards Alone Not Enough?

Job boards are a useful tool for employers to find potential candidates, however, when used alone, they are not the most effective method. Why? Not all candidates actively search for jobs on job boards, particularly in a competitive job market, so solely relying on them can limit the pool of potential candidates for a position. Today, 70% of the global workforce is made up of passive talent who aren’t actively job searching but would consider a new opportunity. Since top talent is in high demand, candidates may be more likely to respond to a direct approach, such as a personalized email or LinkedIn message. Organizations need to use several different methods in their recruiting strategies to increase their chances of finding the best candidates.

What Are Some Different Types of Recruitment Strategies?

Building an Employer Brand

A strong employer brand reduces turnover by 28% and cost per hire by 50%. This is just one example of why employer branding plays a critical role in your company’s ability to attract and retain top talent. It’s a great opportunity to showcase your company’s mission, culture, and values along with its commitment to employees, who can play a key role in shaping the company’s employer branding. Encouraging current employees to share their stories of working for the organization and refer candidates who align with the company culture is a great strategy to help your company attract the best of the best.

Utilizing Social Media

Sharing job postings on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media platforms can help increase the company’s visibility and attract a wider pool of candidates. As of 2023, nearly 75% of job seekers found their last job through social media. These platforms give recruiters an opportunity to engage with potential candidates in a more personal way, which can help build relationships and create a more positive candidate experience.


Videos and webinars are another useful strategy to connect with job seekers. Webinars are an effective way to connect with potential candidates who may not be able to attend in-person events. These and other informational sessions can cover a range of topics, from job openings, to the application process, to company culture. They also provide an opportunity for job seekers to ask questions and engage with recruiters.

Content Marketing

Content marketing has multiple benefits for attracting quality candidates including building your employer branding, boosting your SEO, and increasing engagement. According to Glassdoor, 86% of job seekers research a company before deciding to apply for a job. Publishing content that provides insight into your organization to potential job seekers, can set your company apart from the competition.

Digital Display Advertising

Digital display advertising allows you to gain awareness in front of your desired audience (targeted by geography, behavior, content, and purchase intent) by posting job ads on websites, apps, and other online platforms. This gives your job postings more reach to attract passive candidates.

Using a Passive Candidate Strategy to Attract Qualified Applicants

If those recruitment strategies seem to require a significant amount of time, energy, and resources, it’s because they do. Outsourcing recruiting can be a great way to save productivity hours and resources for your organization. Companies can offload much of the burden and focus on their core business activities, instead of spending all of their energy on recruiting efforts.

Find a recruiting firm that offers your company a passive candidate strategy to attract qualified candidates, like AMG Recruitment. A high-quality passive, outbound, multi-channel recruitment strategy finds people who want to work for you and attracts prospects who like your culture, your benefits, and what makes your business as unique as an employer. It will include methods such as using content and email marketing strategies, search and job board optimization, social media, and online advertising.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you adapt to the evolving recruitment landscape and ramp up your efforts, please contact us today.

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