Who is Gen Z? An introduction to the first digital-native generation

By 2020, we could see 5 generations working together in the workplace. Who are these generations and how old are they?


There’s a lot to be said about Gen Z. Here are some starter insights gathered from our own survey:

  • They are extremely cost-conscious. Their number one influence to buy is price for everything from vacation, college, auto purchases and brand selection.
  • Career path? They are really into healthcare with 22% planning their careers there.  Marketing and Business (21%) are the second followed by Engineering (11%) and Law (7%)
  • They value work/life balance over everything else in a job (32%).  Stability is second (18%) followed by fulfilling work (13%)
  • They are most reached by social media (35%) and email (28%)


COMING SOON: Marketing to Gen Z & Their Gen X Parents Whitepaper

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