Unique Recruiting Trends in 2021 That Came from the Pandemic

The year 2020 was like no other for companies, employees, and recruiters. Now that a new year has dawned, it’s time to look back on what’s changed. And, as it turns out, there’s a lot that is different. Companies looking to hire the best talent should pay attention to these recruiting trends we’ve seen in 2021 and what it means for future years.

Here are eight recruitment trends that will impact your recruitment strategy from now on.

1. Virtual Interviews and Hiring Processes

With social distancing at the forefront of everything, companies got used to video interviews, Zoom meetings, and remote recruiting processes in 2020. That has just extended into 2021, and it’s created an entirely new virtual side of recruitment.

Companies can expect more candidates to seek flexible working conditions, such as working from home or working from another city or state. Businesses will need to understand the latest technology in virtual recruiting, hiring, and workflow. That includes deciding which parts of a position will require in-office work versus telecommuting.

2. More Remote Work Options

After COVID restrictions lessened, some companies, such as Twitter, allowed employees to decide if they want to return to the office at all. Other businesses are following suit and discovering the benefits (as well as some challenges) of at-home work. These are considerations to take into account when planning your recruitment strategy.

3. Deeper Emphasis on Candidates’ Needs

The pandemic was brutal for everyone, and it made many of us think about what matters most. Candidates will remember companies with benefits that emphasize their needs, such as PTO, a healthy work culture, and mental health services.

HR departments and recruiters should pay attention to what employees will need to be most productive and fulfilled.

4. Greater Diversity and Inclusion Measures

Diversity and inclusion will continue to be a focus in 2021 and beyond. Many candidates will judge a business based on its commitment (and demonstration of) diversity and equity. For some positions, the recruiting trends in 2021 might include removing specific education or experience requirements to level the playing field.

5. Adaptability in the Recruitment Process

Recruiters had to adapt to all sorts of changes during the pandemic, and that continues. With the uptick in remote work, recruitment will include hiring candidates from various locations, becoming more educated on diversity and inclusion, and understanding HR strategies. The recruitment process will need to have a range of new skills that meets company and employee needs.

6. More Internal Hiring and Development

2020 had recruiters and businesses facing uncertainty in various ways. Employees found themselves taking on new responsibilities, shifting positions, and being flung into new skill sets. In response, recruiting trends in 2021 have emphasized more hiring from within.

Recruitment will need to consider internal hiring and candidates with transferable skills more than ever. Shifting positions and taking on different projects might be more important than having specific skills in one area.

7. Making Room for Contracted Hires

A 2017 Upwork study on freelancing in America predicted that half of U.S. workers would be working for themselves (by their own choice) by 2027. Recruiters will need to learn the best hiring processes for freelancers and contractors versus part-time and full-time employees.

8. Nurturing Passive Candidates

The old-school methods for recruiting the best talent are no longer most effective. In 2021 and beyond, companies will need to diversify their recruiting strategies to reach candidates in different places. That includes embracing passive recruiting and using multiple channels to engage with the most valuable set of applicants.

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