Reaching Tech Talent in Today’s Tight Market

Over the next four years an estimated 75 million jobs will be lost as companies shift to automation. However, in the same period, 133 million new jobs will emerge – with many of those in tech.

Due to an emphasis on cloud computing, big data, and information security, tech is expanding faster than average. The tech job market is projected to grow by 12% in the next decade.

With an unemployment rate of 3.6%, all recruiters are struggling to secure top talent. With tech’s unemployment rate at 1.3%, tech recruiters are facing a different challenge entirely. And while the industry grows at a rapid pace, this challenge going anywhere.

Re-Think Your Hiring Process

To secure stellar tech talent for the upcoming decade and beyond, refine your hiring process now. Innovative hiring teams will take these actions:

  • Optimize the process to ensure it is quick and painless. It takes an average of 52 days to fill a position, but the best candidates are off the market within 10. Don’t lose your dream employee by taking too long to present an offer.
  • Revisit the basic requirements for your tech positions. 69% of developers are self-taught. Less than half hold a bachelor’s degree. In some roles, keeping up with certifications is more important than holding a traditional diploma.
  • Work with current employees to write job descriptions that are engaging but not dripping in jargon.
  • Recognize the importance of keeping unselected candidates warm. Today’s runner-up could be the number one choice for another position down the road, but they won’t be interested if you drop off the face of the earth after their initial interview. Talent is 4x more likely to consider you again if you offer feedback.

Reach Passive Candidates

Once your hiring process is optimized, consider how you will reach top talent in this tight market. With only 13.3% of tech professionals in the U.S. actively looking for a new job, a passive candidate strategy is essential to reach the 54.7% who are open to hearing about opportunities. This approach utilizes multi-channel marketing to attract prospects who like your benefits and culture – the things that make you unique as an employer.

As you build your passive candidate strategy, consider:

  • 6% of tech candidates prioritize salary above all else. 52.2% value work-life balance. 70.1% want the opportunity to learn new technologies. Understand what your ideal employees are looking for, and when you’ve got it, build your branding around those offerings that will make you stand out.
  • A landing page just for tech opportunities on your careers website. Lead tech professionals to your page built with them in mind with targeted advertising.
  • Personalized email outreach. You can bet your most sought-after candidates are being contacted by other employers, too – the more personal your communications, the better.
  • Sponsoring hackathons and tech challenges will help you meet up-and-coming talent. Hang out where your prospects are.
  • 34% of professionals report their biggest concern when changing jobs is not knowing what it’s really like to work at a company. Create transparent content for your social media channels, blog, and website that paint the picture of a day in the life at your company.

As the talent search in tech becomes increasingly competitive, the combination of an optimized hiring process and a passive candidate strategy will ensure you attract top talent and bring them onboard effortlessly.

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