Mobile Recruitment – You Have to Get It Right

Once upon a time, phones were just for making calls. With the rise of technology, phones started to play music, and we started to share our whole lives on social media. This revolution has now found its way into recruitment. Organizations that don’t recognize this are missing out on entire swaths of great talent. 

So how important is a mobile approach?  Pew Research surveys have shown that over 80% of adults in the US own a mobile device – with data. That isn’t just a flip phone. Within the 18-29-year-old age range, that number is even higher at 92%. The 30-49-year-old age category follows closely behind at 88% ownership. The analysis also showed that 78% of all age categories combined use their phones to search for job opportunities.

But just having a mobile friendly job posting isn’t enough. Due to the low unemployment rate and high percentage of passive job seekers, it is vital to have messaging that reaches potential high-quality candidates before the need arises. Driving social media engagement, having high quality content development, and sharing information about the culture of the organization is what will have potential candidates lining up at the door before you even need to fill a position. Keeping a candidate engaged with relevant, informative content is critical to moving them into your system. This will allow your organization to be more selective with their hiring.

Now that you know how important mobile is and how it can benefit your organization, it is also important to have an application process that is mobile friendly. What this means is that the massive, three page, 2-hour application process you had before will NOT work. Your candidates may be excited about an opening but give up simply because the application process was too difficult.

The industries that are seeing the most benefit of a mobile application process are blue collar ones. None of the people in these positions sit behind desks all day – they are on their feet and working with their hands, and their mobile-centric job search experiences reflect their equally mobile work situations. While blue collar workers are highly engaged with the mobile application process, topping out at around 80%, the flip-side is that the rate of mobile job searching for people working white collar jobs are significantly lower, despite being on the rise.

Developing a mobile approach that actually reaches people is the best way to bring in the best candidates. AMG Talent Acquisition Specialists provide just that for your organization through a comprehensive strategy anchored in making your organization the envy of the neighborhood.  That way, your house always looks in order, no matter who looks in and highly qualified candidates are always welcome.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you adapt to the evolving recruitment landscape and ramp up your efforts, please contact us today.

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