How to Hire Quality Employees Quickly: 7 Tips for Success

The recruit-to-hire process can be lengthy, and sometimes that’s for the best. After all, you’d ideally like to bring on the candidate most fitting to the position.

However, sometimes you need to scale faster. That means speeding up the process and bringing employees on faster than the average hiring timeline (23.8 days in the U.S., according to Glassdoor).

If you’re wondering how to hire employees quickly (without sacrificing quality), here are some tips.

1. Make Sure Your Job Posting Details Are Accurate

If you want to hire the right person for the job, your job posting should accurately reflect what and who you’re looking for.

Your HR managers should ensure they know everything the open position requires. Then, they should make certain the job posting clearly outlines essential job responsibilities, skills, and job requirements.

Your job listing should also include an overview of your company culture to give prospective hires a clear idea of your work environment.

2. Get in Front of More Job Seekers (and Make It Easy for Them to Find You)

Your job posting won’t matter if the right people aren’t seeing it.

Once you’ve identified the candidate type you’re seeking, have a strategy for recruiting them. That includes digital marketing and recruitment that attracts and brings the best people straight to you. A recruitment agency can put you in front of more target candidates and streamline the process from discovery to application.

3. Involve Your Current Team in the Process

If your current employees are the perfect fit for your culture, they can help you find more great fits!

Tell the team you plan to hire additional people to help with the workload, and explain what you’re looking for. Offer a bonus or other incentives for each referral an employee that gets hired. You’re more likely to get quality candidates from these word-of-mouth strategies.

4. Promote from Within

Remember that your current employees are a resource, too. They will already know your work culture and flow, making them great potential candidates for new or open roles.

If you have managerial or senior-level openings, consider current employees who would do well in higher positions. It’s often faster and less expensive to high internally versus externally, according to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

Internal hiring is a trend that became more common during the pandemic, and it’s worked well for many.

5. Interview Applicants as a Group

If you want to save time during each interview, have each candidate meet with a group of people at your company. You can obtain several perspectives in one interview, ensure there aren’t repeat questions, and see how the candidate works around people they’ll potentially be working with, saving time on the hiring process.

6. Nail Down the Most Important Interview Questions

You probably already plan out what to ask each candidate, but some questions are more “fluff” or formality than others.

Save time by narrowing down the essential questions before the interview. Involve those who would be working with or above the new employee. Decide which questions are a “must” and which can go, creating a pre-planned structure to follow.

7. Know Your Company’s “Red Flags”

When you’re focused on how to hire employees quickly, it’s easier to cut corners and miss red flags that someone’s not a good fit. Know your red flags, such as:

  • Coming late to the interview
  • Not fully answering questions
  • Arrogance, rudeness, or apathy
  • Unpreparedness, such as not bringing a resume or asking any questions
  • Demonstrating poor listening skills

Also, spend some time as a group discussing any misgivings or “off” feelings about a candidate you’re considering hiring. While this adds a little extra work to the timeline, it can save everyone a lot of grief long-term.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you adapt to the evolving recruitment landscape and ramp up your efforts, please contact us today.

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