Data Driven… Recruitment?

Perhaps you are one of the organizations currently coming to the realization that lower unemployment is a real problem for your company. What worked a year ago just isn’t working today.

With a marketplace loaded with jobs but not the same number of candidates, it has truly become a job seekers world. Much like how too much inventory leads to the need for more buyers, low unemployment numbers lead to the need for companies to find more talent to hire.

So, how does this affect the idea of data driven recruitment? Well, there are a couple of ways: First, AI is making processing resumes faster. Second, interviewing is growing with new creative aspects. And third, it is getting easier to reach people no matter where they live. This is where data comes to play. Because, think about it. Even if you do all three correctly, but never reach the right type of candidates, your efforts are still almost for nothing.

Putting the ad in front of the right person isn’t the same as it was 5 or 10 years ago. Today, technology is able to determine who is the most likely candidate for your opening, and that is based on that data model. With this model, your opening can be shown to only candidates that meet your requirements. That means that you will no longer have to parse thousands of resumes of unqualified people to find the one or two that meet your needs.

But that isn’t the only part, the best part of data driven recruitment is being able to determine success. The ability to find someone to interview is only the beginning. Finding the right person is hard enough, but you also have to look at the resources you used to find that person. In essence, you should end up with fewer total resumes but a larger concentration of appropriate candidates.

That means that if you are able to lower your costs while driving more highly qualified candidates to your organization, you need to incorporate aspects of data driven recruitment into your overall talent acquisition plan. Not enough time? Can’t even imagine where to start?  Good thing you are here because AMG Talent Acquisition Specialists are experts on how to use data to drive highly qualified candidates right to your front door – or website if you prefer.

Contact us today to find out how data can make your day-to-day so much easier.

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