8 Opportunities Senior Living/Home Health Marketers Can Take Advantage Of

Although the pandemic has created extreme challenges for the industry, senior living experts say the pandemic has also created new opportunities for marketing teams, including:

  1. A focus on building trust with prospects and families to create a pipeline for future business once the crisis subsides.
  2. A commitment to ongoing collaboration during remote work to ensure consistent messaging.
  3. A strategic approach to working as a team— including sharing best practices and dividing duties according to each person’s strengths, such as effective outreach through wellhoned telephone skills.
  4. A willingness to address COVID-19 directly, with clear messaging about how the senior living community is responding to the pandemic.
  5. A proactive addition of negative keywords like “COVID-19” and “coronavirus” to digital ad campaigns so a facility’s ads won’t show up during a search for these topics.
  6. The addition of marketing tech platforms that can help everyone who’s working remotely do so efficiently as a team.
  7. The addition of digital tools that integrate a community’s branding into sales collateral, like videos of virtual tours.
  8. The creation of marketing offerings that also support current residents, families, and staff.

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