5 Things Every Recruiter Should Know

Just getting started in recruitment or just need a few tips ? Here are 5 things every recruiter should know in 2018:

1. 86% of HR Professionals agree that talent acquisition/recruitment is becoming more like marketing.

If you are trying to hire people for your business, you better be an expert in social selling, marketing and social technologies because that is where people you need to find are already. The ability to increase the number of content marketing pieces and outbound sales along with branding techniques are absolutely critical. But understanding them is one thing, measuring them is another. Without the ability to determine ROI, measuring your results for the resources invested.

2. Organizations believe social media marketing will be the most in-demand need for recruitment by 2020, followed by data analysis and modeling skills. 

The ability of marketing and recruitment to stop owning social engagement in silos will be paramount to building a strong employer brand along with the consumer brand. Building those together takes extensive expertise.

3. Nearly 60% of candidates have had a poor employer experience. While 72% of them shared that negative experience online or directly. 

The pathway between internal employee and external job seeker is where real efforts of the employee experience come to the forefront. When it’s bad, that experience is often shared Take a look at Glassdoor if you want to know how pointed it can be. Unfortunately, digital engagement has led many in recruitment to assume the experience is what they are being told by the ATS provider, when many times it is not.

As a result, the experience gives the candidate a peek at the way the organization treats their employees. A good sign of a problem in disconnect can be seen by looking at the number of job offers declined.

4. 84% of candidates say the organization’s reputation is important when making a decision on where to apply for a job. 

Much in the way a poor employer experience can negatively influence a potential candidate, so too can organization’s reputation. This is where disconnect becomes front and center. When an organization does not see how they really are according to past and present employees, they react to situations based on what they think is valuable. That lack of awareness leads to severe setback in the area of recruitment.

5. It is all about the analytics. 

What is a good hire? Someone that takes the job or someone that actually contributes to the business over time? If you are not sure, then one of the areas you need to seriously address is the ROI. With greater spend being needed to meet the decline in quality candidates, it is more important than ever to be on-point for what value is being brought in with the resources going out.

Chances are you as a recruiter are getting pressure like never before to fill those open positions immediately. Before you give up, you can ask for help from a team of Talent Acquisition Specialists that know these top 5 things like the 5 fingers on their hand. They can show you how to get those fingers walking to put your site in front of the highly qualified candidates you need. Give us a call today.


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