2019 Marketing Trends: Transparency & Authenticity

Whether you’re selling a product, service, or asking for donations, it’s no secret that consumers don’t like being marketed to. 59% of surveyed adults said they dislike ads in online video clips, 42% said they dislike ads on websites. What most consumers want from brands today is a relationship. They want to align themselves with a company they believe in and trust. If they’re going to spend their money, time, etc. they want brands to engage with them in a way that adds value and relevancy to their lives.

Is there a difference between transparency and authenticity? Both speak to honesty, but authenticity is solely concerned with the representation of a company’s values and brand while transparency relates to the implementation of it. Companies can be authentic without being transparent and vice versa.

In today’s hyper-connected world, brands no longer have the option to not represent themselves honestly and transparently in their marketing messages. Authenticity is vital to win over audiences. Forbes contributor Ashley Deibert said it best – “this poses a challenge for marketers: they must navigate the latest and greatest means of meeting the customer where they are and ensure the messages they put out are both genuine and in alignment with their brand principles.”

This is why we have seen huge increases in tactics like content marketing and influencer marketing – both of which stand to deliver real value to audiences. While the right marketing mix will continue to include traditional media in 2019 – both print and digital – consumers are demanding that click-thrus and calls-to-action lead to content they find relevant, engaging and relatable.

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