14 Employee Exit Interview Questions to Ask for Actionable Feedback

Although we wish great employees could stick around forever, the truth is that people quit — and they do so for various reasons. If an employee has decided to leave your company, you can use it as an opportunity to learn. Targeted exit interview questions can tell you a lot about how to move forward more positively.

Below are some of the best employee exit interview questions to ask a leaving worker.

But first, let’s talk about what makes an exit interview effective.

How Do You Do a Good Exit Interview?

Exit interviews should focus on gathering helpful, constructive, and actionable information. You want to learn the best ways to improve company conditions and employee success.

Talking to someone who has chosen to leave can bring a lot of intel about what you can do better. You’re providing a space where leaving employees can be open and honest about their experiences working for you.

The Best Employee Exit Interview Questions

And now, here are some key questions to ask in an employee exit interview:

1. What Factors Led You to Start Looking for Another Job?

Asking why the employee decided to begin looking elsewhere can give you valuable insights. While every answer will be different depending on the person, you can form a picture of potential issues over time.

For example, you might notice that many people say lack of supervisor support was the last straw. You can then use that information to explore new ways of better supporting employees.

2. For What Reasons Did You Choose to Accept Your New Position?

This question will uncover what the other company might be doing better. What were the main reasons they officially made the jump?

3. What Could We Have Done Differently That Would Have Led You to Stay?

Rather than guessing, ask the former employee outright what could have been better.

4. Did You Feel Supported in Being Able to Do Your Job Here?

You can ask specifically about the employee’s understanding of peer and supervisor support on the job.

5. Did You Feel Recognized Enough for Your Contributions?

According to a study by Harvard Business Review, social workers who received a meaningful letter of recognition for their work reported feeling more valued, supported, and recognized for their contributions compared to workers who didn’t receive a letter. They also had fewer sickness absence rates and higher natural motivation.

Recognition for your efforts matters, so ask for details.

6. How Would You Describe Your Supervisor’s Management Style?

From there, you can ask what the supervisor could have changed about their style.

7. Did You Tell Anyone at the Company About Your Concerns?

This can identify if the employee felt comfortable telling anyone about their concerns and the openness of your work environment.

8. What Did You Like the Best About Your Job?

Ask this one, then follow it with:

9. What Did You Like the Least?

You’ll get a perspective on both sides of the employee’s experience.

10. Do You Feel Your Job Responsibilities or Expectations Changed Since You Started the Job?

Change is standard for many positions. Asking this question can help you update the job description and expectations for whoever fills the role.

11. How Would You Describe Our Company Culture?

A positive culture is crucial for companies today. Asking exiting employees about their experience with your culture can help you notice any trends.

12. How Can We Improve Our Training and Development?

In other words, have they noticed gaps in training that prevent employees from doing their jobs well?

13. What Qualities Should the Candidate Who Replaces You Have?

The employee can give insights on the right person for their job.

14. Would You Ever Consider Returning to Us? Why or Why Not?

Be sure to ask more beyond their initial “yes” or “no” (or to expand on a vague answer like “I’m not sure”). The answer to this question can tell you a lot.

Consider these employee exit interview questions the next time you need to conduct one of these meetings. You’ll uncover beneficial information you can use to improve continually.

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