Unlimited recruitment and hiring opportunities exist through digital marketing

The combination of skyrocketing demand for defense and technology sector employees and the post-pandemic reality of remote recruitment and evaluation have made digital marketing a key component to building out workforces in the United States and beyond.

Tens of billions more dollars are flooding the defense industry each year, and as overall national spending in the sector nears $1 trillion annually, it’s incumbent on industry leaders to not only hire the right people to lead them into the next decades of growth, but to bring them on board as efficiently as possible.

The upside is the very people companies are trying to attract are the same individuals who consume a vast majority of intelligent, purposeful marketing. And while COVID-19 thankfully didn’t destroy traditional recruitment efforts such as in-person meetings and trade shows, it did create a watershed moment where recruiters and marketers dug deep into the hallmarks of social media, digital display advertising and sponsored content to engage, educate and attract talent.

The educational component is a major part of that approach, as it introduces your company culture to prospective candidates. Human resource managers increasingly seek out those with compatible values and personalities, in addition to their specific qualifications. Curated and targeted digital content allows you to maximize the relationship between your company and those who may join your team.

The result can be new employees who appreciate the team culture and their place in it from day one, which inspires loyalty and a clear understanding of expectations. That combination is one of the most proactive ways companies can reduce turnover among new hires in the first 90 days of employment.

A motivated, inspired workforce has a direct and positive impact on a company’s bottom line, and digital marketing can also play a role in long-term employees engaged, as well. Which is how building a successful and lasting brand can pay off in the quality of those doing the work, and the quantity of the contracts the company lands. This evolution of approach doesn’t take long to implement, as the principles of branding from an employer perspective isn’t much different than those of customer branding.

It’s all about engagement. Once you have the content in place to educate potential customers and employees alike, then you can create meaningful and profitable conversations that lead to lasting results. As an employer, thought, you have to set the hook. Considering nearly 60 percent of candidates research potential jobs via social media, with the web component pushing that number even higher, that’s where the most impactful stories about company culture are told. Just as cautionary tales from the workplace have a tendency to become viral, so do those that create lasting, positive resonance about company practices and culture. The latter helps create an employee value proposition that benefits those on both sides of the equation and informs everything from onboarding practices to a firm’s reputation outside its walls.

A vast majority of that resonance can be created through digital marketing, which not only helps control costs but also allows for creative, non-traditional ideas to emerge and eventually bear fruit. To use an analogy, for centuries the quandary regarding the value of real estate has been that “they’re not making any more.” But that’s not true of the digital spaces human beings explore and expand every minute of every day.

Where there’s room to grow, there will always be new opportunities to attract and retain new talent, grow business, and more.

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