Social Media: What Not to Do

Social media is one powerful tool. Of all the time we spend on the Internet, about one-third of it is dedicated to social media platforms. Oftentimes, a business’s social media pages are the first line of contact with potential new customers. In order to present your business’s best self, make sure to avoid these social media no-no’s:

Get Defensive

Businesses are not always able to respond to comments from customers- even if the comment is negative. Becoming defensive is a surefire way to drive customers away. Remember the old, cliché- “The customer is always right.” By becoming overly defensive, you may rub a number of customers the wrong way. Instead, communicate with those who are upset and find an amicable solution to the issue at hand.

Ignore All Positive Feedback

Relationship building is an integral part of running a business. Positive relationships and positive experiences are what drive business forward. If someone praises the work your business is doing, it can be beneficial to acknowledge the comments. This shows other customers that you do care and want to continue forging relationships with them.

Post Only During Business Hours

Your office hours may be 9-5, but that may not be when your customers are consuming content. The social media community is global and different time zones and daily schedules affect the times content is being consumed. Your content is more likely to be consumed if it is posted at times convenient for different people. (This can be easily done with programs that help you schedule social media postings, like Hootsuite!)

Post and Forget

Social media is a wonderful tool because it allows us the ability to interact with others in the world. Oftentimes, posts require additional responses, especially if it is receiving interaction from customers. Make sure to set time aside to interact and reinforce relationships with customers.

Use the Same Content on All Platforms

Not all social media accounts are built for the same types of content. A graphic you share on Facebook isn’t necessarily the same graphic you should share on Instagram. An Instagram Live video isn’t necessarily the same video you should put on Snapchat. Make sure your content is fresh and different- that way customers will be motivated to follow your business on multiple platforms.

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