Need to reach a large audience? Consider college football fans in Alabama

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College football is life in Alabama. The state is home to two powerhouse teams, and one of the most inevitable questions you’ll be asked here is “Alabama or Auburn?”

A Nielsen report states Alabama, specifically the Birmingham area, has the highest concentration of football fans in the entire country- a whopping 70% of Birmingham-area residents self-identify as avid football fans!

This provides a great marketing opportunity for reaching target audiences. College football fans are great in number. Statista reports that , over 43 million people in the U.S. were “very interested” in college football. They’re also incredibly diverse, with people of every race and economic status tuning in to games. More than anything, they’re ready to spend their money. Nielsen reports that college football fans are 42% more likely to take action upon seeing a sponsorship associated with the sport.

Fans are also not satisfied simply watching the games- they want to be fully engaged in and informed about the latest happenings surrounding their favorite teams, players, and coaches. This means keeping up with the latest news through various mediums.’s fall football coverage draws over 65 million page views a month, providing the ability to convert loyal fans into brand advocates through advertising opportunities. From exclusive video sponsorships to targeted print and digital display, there are a full range of sponsorship offers to fit the audience and budget of your business.

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